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Small Town Toronto is a web site that focusses on

                    VALUE IN LIVE MUSIC.

We are all about:

QUICKLY FINDING GREAT ENTERTAINMENT when you want it, 7 days a week;

Making you aware of great Indie Talent and in so doing, supporting and promoting our local talent;

Toronto’s best kept secrets, neighbourhood venues that are not “big-city expensive”;

You and what you like to see and do in Toronto;

Giving you immediate access to information on venues & performers so you’re getting before you head out. “Link & Listen” before you go!

Providing a heads up on unique concerts that yo may not be aware of. These can range from local performers or internationally acclaimed musicians.

We try to visit all the venues we cover and we take in as many acts as we can. Over time we will document our findings and opinions in the [STT] PROFILE pages

Let us know how we can serve you better. Drop us a note at:

bruce {at} smalltowntoronto {dot} com.

If you are a performer, keep us current on your local shows. We will endeavour to add them to our daily listings. If you have some great news, for example air play, interviews, or other newsworthy information, pass it along for consideration on our News and Events panel.

If you are a publicist with a great upcoming event, let us know about it.

-- We Do It Better --

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What Small Town Toronto 
is about

Who Are The “Residents” Of  Small Town Toronto?

Our residents include special people like you, who enjoy the intimacy of live music in small venues, people who look for value for their entertainment dollar, and people who like to go out frequently rather than spending their total budget on one big-name concert.

Some residents are performers and publicists who want visibility for upcoming shows, while keeping tabs on what else is happening in Toronto.

Included in our community are managers and owners of venues who support live indie music in Toronto.

Others are visitors to Toronto who enjoy exploring and discovering hidden entertainment gems off the beaten tourist track.

Here’s what some Small Town Toronto Residents have to say:

“I came across your website today and thought it was great.”

“Hi Bruce,  Great site.  I just discovered it yesterday and went to Graffiti's as a

result to hear the Kit Gut String Band.” 

“We want to thank …  www.smalltowntoronto …  And all our other media friends who are helping to get the word out.” 

“You website is a wonderful idea - Congrats and thank you for setting it up!”

We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note at:

bruce {at} smalltowntoronto {dot} com.

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Our Vision

To be the globally recognized internet site and portal for performances by, and information about, independent singers, songwriters and musicians working out of Toronto.

In addition, we have an Extended Vision: To help turn Toronto into a global destination for music lovers, a reputation on par with New Orleans, Chicago and Branson.

Our Mission

We are in the business of:

  1.   providing a quick way to see and hear what is going on in Toronto’s smaller venues,

  1.   being an entertainment portal for value in live entertainment in Toronto,

  1.   providing free media exposure for Toronto's Indie performers and their music,

  1.   indirectly promoting and supporting those venues that support Toronto's indie musicians

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