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Listing of Performers

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The listing is in alphabetical order, ignoring “The”.

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Macro Fiesta (+listen)  (Grunge/Rock)

The MacHams  (listen)  (Rock)

Madagascar Slim  (listen)  (Malagasy Blues Fusion)

Madeline Forster Group (listen) (Fairport NY)  (Jazz/Vocals)

The Maddhatters  (Niagra Falls)

Mae Moore (+listen+shows)  (Folk/Jazz)

The Magical Bunch (+listen)  (Guelph)  (R&B/Nu-Jazz/Afro-beat)

The Magnificent 7s  listen  (shows) (Winnipeg)  (Bluegrass/Country/Roots)

The Mahones (+listen) (Montreal)  (Folk Rock/Punk/Celtic)

Maisaisai   (Afro-beat/Roots Music/Fusion)

The Maisies (+listen)  (Jazz/1930/40’s Swing/Andrew Sisters) [STT]

Makeda Taylor (+listen)  (Folk Rock/Blues/Country)

Makita Hack & the Logrollers (+listen)  (Bluegrass/Roots)

Malcolm Levin  (Jazz)

Mandy Lagan (enter iste to listen) Sextet

Manitoba Hal  (video-solo)  (video-trio)  (Winnipeg)  (Ukulele Blues)

Mantler (+listen)   (Rock/Soul)

Marah (listen) (video) (N.Y.) (Rock/Pop/Idol)

Marc Roy (+listen+video) (Bluegrass/Roots/Country)

Marc Nadjiwan  (listen)  (shows)  (Alternative/Folk Rock)

Marcel Aucoin Group 

Margaret Stowe  (listen+shows)  (shows) (Jazz/Ambient/Nu-Jazz/Guitar)

Margot Roi (+listen)  (Jazz/Vocals)  

Winner of The Best Female Jazz Artist 2008 awarded by The Toronto Exclusive Magazine

Margot Roi Jazz Band (+listen) (Jazz/Vocals)

Maria Dunn  (videos)  (listen)  (Edmonton/Ontario)  (Celtic/Folk)

Mariachi Fuego  (listen)  (shows)  (Authentic Mariachi)

Marianne Girard  (listen+shows)  (Acoustic/Folk/Country)

Canadian Folk Music Awards 2009 nominee: Best Contemporary Singer. Invitation to prestigious Ireland Literary Arts Festivals – Autumn ’06. Three albums, "When It Hurts", "In This Town" '02, "Pirate Days"'09

Marinda (+listen+shows) Jazz/World Music Trio  (Soft Soul/Jazz/Bossa Nova)

Mario Allende Latin Jazz Band (Jazz)

Mark “Bird” Stafford (enter site to listen)  (Blues)

Mark Eisenman Quintet (Jazz Pianist)

Mark McLean  (Jazz)

Mark McLean's Playground (listen)  (Jazz)

Mark Nadjiwan  (shows)   (Rock/Pop)

Nominated for a  2009 Dora Mavor Moore Award For Best Original Music

Mark Roy and Houndstooth (Bluegrass

Mark Sepic (listen1) (listen2)  (Latin/Jazz/Varied/Guitar)

Marshall Dane (+video) (+shows)  (listen) (Country/Pop/Acoustic)

Marta (+listen)  (listen)  (Acoustic/Folk Rock)

Martin Tielli  (listen)  (Progressive/Pop)

Mary & Mickey  (Pop/Mix)

Mary Margaret O'Hara  (listen) (Experimental/Jazz)

Mary McKay (+listen)  (listen)  (Jazz/Soul)

Mary Simon (listen) (video)  (Indie/Folk Rock/Acoustic)    

Mary Stewart  (listen)  (Halifax)  (Pop)

Marty Kolls (listen) (Folk/Soul/Acoustic)

The Mashmen (Covers)

Massey Harris

The Matadors  (video)  (videos)  (“Horrorbilly”)

Matavaras (+listen)  (listen)  (Rock/Folk Rock/Alternative)

Matt Allen & the Swingin Blackjacks (Rockabilly/Blues)

Matt Masters  (listen) (Calgary) (Country)

Matt Newton Jazz Band (listen1) (listen2) (listen)  (Instrumental Jazz)

Matt Stevens Trio  (Jazz)

Matt Storch & the Usual Suspects (+listen)  (Rock n’ Blues/Vocals)

Matthew de Zoete  (listen+shows)  (Pop/Rock/Folk) 

Matthew Whiston (+listen) & Friends  (Folk/Alternative)

Maureen Brown (+listen) (Blues /Roots/R&B)

Max Cann Blues Solo (England)  (Blues)

Max Senitt (+listen) Latin Jazz Duo  (Latin Jazz/Drummer/Percussionist)

Max Woolaver (listen)  (Roots/Folk/Country)

Maximum Sixty (+listen) (Winnipeg)  (Rock/Pop)

Maxine Willam & Kurt Lund Jazz Ensemble (Jazz)

Maylee Todd (+listen)  (video+listen)  (Alt. Pop/Psychedelic)

Megan Lane  (listen+shows) (Saskatoon) (Rock/Blues/Alternative)

Mechanical Flowers (+listen)  (Minimalist/Rock)

Melanie Peterson  (listen)   (Pop/Folk)

The MELcontents  (Jazz) 

Melissa Boyce (+listen) (Jazz/Blues/Latin/Standards/Vocals)

Melissa Boyce (+listen) and Kevin Laliberte Jazz and Blues Duo  (Jazz/Blues/Latin/Standards/Vocals)  

Melissa Cameron (+listen)  (Pop) 

Melissa Lauren  (listen+video)  (listen)  (Jazz/Vocals)

Melissa McClelland (+shows)  (listen)  (Pop/Blues/Country)

Melissa Payne  (videos) (Pop/Folk

Melodius (+listen) (R&B/Soul/Blues/Jazz/Funk/New Orleans)

Mercurymen (+listen)  (Alternative/Psychedelic/Experimental) 

The Mercy Now (+listen)   (Rock/Soul/Garage)

Meredith Shaw  (listen)  (shows)  (Pop/Country)

Mexican Divorce 

Michael Boguski Trio (+listen)  (listen)  (Country/Folk)

Michael Brennan  (listen)  (Country/Folk/Rockabilly/Roots)

Michael Brennan, Steve Briggs and Friends  (Country/Folk/Rockabilly/Roots)

Michael Davidson Group (Jazz)

Michael De Grussa Duo (Jazz)

Michael Gfroerer (+listen)  (Classical/Experimental/Ambient)

Awarded the "ORFEO MUSICA" by Tupilak, Sweden, his trio Polarities-from the Other Side, for clarinet, piano and percussion was used in Alan Tong's award-winning short film Sleepless

Michal Hasek  (Blues)

Michael Holt  (listen)  (Pop)

Michael Johnson

Michael Kawabe (+listen) Quartet  (Jazz/Classical/R&B)

Michael Keith (+listen) (Blues/Classic Rock/Roots)

Michael Laderoute  (listen +shows) (Americana/Acoustic/Roots)

Michael Occhipinti (+listen) (Jazz)

Michael O'Grady (listen) (Folk/Celtic)

Michael Pickett (+video)  (listen)  (Roots/Blues/Americana)

1998 Jazz Report and Real Blues awards for ‘Blues Album of the Year’ and the coveted Maple Blues ‘Blues With A Feeling Award’. 2000 Canadian Indie Music Award for ‘Blues Album of the Year’.

Michael Su Jazz Band (Jazz

Michele Kaye Jazz Duo (Jazz

Michele Lawrence Jazz Trio (Jazz

Michelle Mcadorey (Pop/Alternative/Folk)

Michelle Owen  (videos) (Pop

Michelle Rumball (+listen) (Folk/Soul)

Michelle Willis Duo (+listen) (Jazz/Easy-listening/Vocals)  

Mighty Big World  (Rock)

The Mighty Popo  (listen)  (videos) (World/African)

Mike Allen Group (BC) (Jazz)

Mike Archer Jazz Band (Jazz)

Mike Branton (+shows)  (listen)  (video) (Acoustic/Blues/Rock)

Mike Branton (+shows) Jazz Band (Jazz)

Mike Celia (+listen) (+shows)   (Soul/Blues)

Mike Evin (+video)  (listen+video+shows) (Pop/Rock/A'cappella/piano )

Mike Field Jazz Duo (listen) (Jazz/Trumpet)

Mike Kawabe (+listen)   (Jazz/Classical/R&B)

Mike Milligan Group (Instrumental Jazz) 

Mike Murley (Jazz)

Mike Murley Septet (Jazz)

Mike Plume (+listen)  (Country)

Mike "Shrimp Daddy" Reid (Blues)

Mike Webster Nonet (New York) (+listen) (Instrumental Jazz)  

Mikko Hildén Trio  (listen)  (Jazz/Guitar)

Miles Howe (+listen) and Maxim with Allie Kane & Keith Shiner  (Blues/Gospel/Freestyle)

The Millwinders   (Country/Rockabilly)

Ministry of the Environment (+listen) (Rock/Pop)

Mintz (+listen) (Emo/Psychedelic)

Miranda Mulholland  (listen+shows)  (Melodramatic Popular Song/Folk/Acoustic)

Mishra's Dream  (listen) (Gypsy Jazz)

Miss Emily (+shows) (listen)  (Rock/Soul)

Miss Late July  (listen)  (Pop/Other)

Miss Mitzy Cream's Kitten Revue (watch+listen) (Burlesque)  

Miss Quincy  (listen+video+shows)  (BC)  (Americana/Blues/Roots)

Mississippi Grover (+listen)  (Garage/Blues/Punk)

Miwa Gemini (+listen) (NY)  (Acoustic/Western Swing)

MJ Cyr (+listen+shows)  (Acoustic/Folk/Alternative)

Mohwak Faculty (Jazz

Mood Swing (Jazz

Mohawk Lodge (+listen)  (video)  (Soul/Rock)

Monica Chapman (+listen) (Jazz Standards/Vocals)

Monique Barry (+listen) (Alternative/Pop)

Monkey Business Chuck Barry Tribute  (Rock n’ Roll)

Monsoon  (videos)  (Indo-Jazz Fusion

Mookie Morris & The Loyalists (+video+shows)  (listen)  (Pop/Rock)

Morgan Davis  (listen)  videos  (shows)   (Blues ) 

JUNO Blues Album of the Year for “Painkiller”, 4 Maple Blues Awards)

Morgan Doctor  (+listen) (Ska/Jazz/Folk/Pop) 

Morgan Childs (Toronto/Vancouver)  (Jazz)  

Morgan Childs is an award-winning jazz drummer, composer, and band leader originally from Vancouver, BC.

Morgan Childs & The Cookers  (listen)  (shows)  (Jazz)

Morgan Sadler Piano solo (+listen)  (Jazz/Vocals

Morgan Tobias (+listen+shows) (Country/Pop/Rock

Morning Fame (+listen)  (video)  (listen)  (Rock/Pop Rock)

Mosaic (R&B/Soul

Mose Scarlett  (listen)  (Folk/Blues/Jazz/Standards)

Mr. Rick & The Biscuits (listen) (listen) (Americana/Country/Folk/Western Swing)

Mr. Marbles (Tom Juhas +listen)  (Jazz)  

Muldoon (Celtic/Irish/Standards) [STT]

Mule Skinner (+listen) (+shows) (Niagra) (Bluegrass/Grunge)

The MurderSquad t.o. (Punk/Grindcore/Hardcore)

Mustang (Country/East Coast/Classic Rock

My Favourite Tragedy (+video+shows)  (listen)  (videos)  (Rock/Folk Rock/Celtic Rock)


Mysterion’s Burlesque (Burlesque)

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Listing of Performers

Click on Performers links to reach their web sites.

The listing is in alphabetical order, ignoring “The”.

Where available, click on [STT] to get our comments and additional information