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BA  Johnston  listen & shows  (Folk/Alternative/Acoustic )

Back to Acoustic (B2A)   (video1)  (video2)  (FolkPop)

Backwoods Justice

Badly Bent (+listen+video+shows)  (Bluegrass)

The Balconies (+listen+video_shows)  (Pop/Rock)

Barbarella (8 piece ensemble)  (Jazz)

BALTO (+listen) (New York) (Folk)

The Barettas (+listen+videos)  (Pop/Rock)

Bartek Kozminski: EI Mosaico (+listen) Flamenco  (Flamenco-Jazz-Fusion)

Barn Dance with The Beauties (Country Rock)

Barry Canning  (listen)  (Acoustic/Folk Rock)

Barry Elmes (Jazz Drummer)

Basic English (+listen) (aka Train Wreck)  (Rock)

The Bebop Cowboys  (listen) (Western Swing)

The Beauties  (Country Rock)


Before The Glue Dries

Bellwoods Trinity Music  (Volksmusik)

Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers  (listen) (Halifax) (Folk/Jazz/Melodramatic Pop  Song)

Ben Davis Jazz Trio (Jazz)

Benny Goodman Tribute (Jazz)

Ben Kunder (+listen)  (Roots/Folk)  

Ben Somer (+listen) (Folk/Country/Acoustic)

Ben Spenser

Ben Storini 

Bernardo Padron (listen -press pay) (Jazz)

Betty Burke  (listen)    (Melodramatic Popular Song/Rock)

Betty Stew  (listen) (Alternative/Folk Rock /Pop)

Beth Moore (listen) (listen2)  (shows) (Niagara Falls) (Folk/Americana/Soul)

2010 Niagara Music Awards Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year

Beverly Taft (listen) (video) (shows) (Jazz/Vocals)

Bharath Rajakumar (+listen)  (video)  (Montreal) (Blues)

Bidiniband (+listen+video)  (Progressive/Alternative/Pop)

Big Ass Cracker  (Rockabilly)

(Skeets’) Big Ass Cracker  (Rockabilly)

Big City Hicks (+listen)  (Acoustic/Country/Classic Rock)

Big City Pinup (Jazz)

Big Tuna  

Big Rude Jake (+schedule) (listen)  (video) (Americana/Alternative/Jazz)

Big Rude Jake (+shows) Swing Band (Jazz/Swing/Vocals)  

Big Tobacco & the Pickers (+listen) (+shows) (video)   (Country)

Big Trouble Band (Blues)

Bill Colgate  (listen+shows)  (Americana/Roots Music/Folk Rock) & Friends

2nd Grand Prize Overall USA Songwriting Competition, 1st Prize Gospel USA Songwriting Competition, 5th Place Gospel/Inspirational Category John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Bill Heffernan and Friends  (Jazz)

Bill McBirnie (Jazz Flutist)

Bill Toms  (Pittsburg) (listen) (Folk/Rock/Americana)

Bill Wood and the Woodies  (listen +video)  (Roots/Country/Pop)

The Billie Hollies (+listen)  (Folk/Alternative)

Bitter City (+listen) (Garage/Powerpop/Country)

Bittersweet  (Varied) 

Blackburn (+listen)  (Blues/R&B/Soul )

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings  (Country/Roots/Rock ) 

Blair Packham  (listen) (Rock/Folk Rock/New Wave)

Blind Mule (+listen)  (Roots/Folk Rock/Bluegrass)

The Bloodhounds (Bluegrass)

The Bloody Caesar String Band  (Roots/Bluegrass/Country)

Blue Coupe 


Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper); Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult); Albert Bouchard (Blue oyster Cult, Brain Surgeons); with Gord Lewis of Teenage Head

Blue Blue Satellite (listen)  (Folk/Pop)

Blue Horizon (+listen)  (listen)  (Nova Scotia)  (Bluegrass)

Blue Mercury Coup (+listen)  (Garage Rock)

Blue Richard and the Apricots (+listen)  (Folk)

Blue Room  (listen)  (Blues)  

Bluespoon (+listen)  (Rock/Acoustic)  

Blue Thunder  (Country

Bluegrass Edition (+listen) (Owen Sound area) (Bluegrass)

Bob Brough Quartet (listen1&press play) (listen2&press play)  (Jazz)

Bob Hannon (+listen)    (Old-Time Country)

Bob Rice (+listen) Latin Jazz Big Band  (Latin Jazz)

Bob Snider  (listen)  (Folk/Blues/Rockabilly)

(Bob Vespaziani) aka “Snake Oil Johnson” (+listen) (Americana/Blues/Roots)

2008 1st runner up in the Toronto Blues Society New Talent Search

Bobby Dean Blackburn & Sons  (listen)    (Blues/Jazz/R&B)

Bobby Hsu Jazz Band  (Jazz)

Bobby Sanderson 

Bobby Wiseman (“click Bob’s radio” to listen) (of Blue Rodeo) (Blues/Pop)

Bohemian Swing  (Listen1) (Listen2)  (Gypsy/Swing Jazz/Vocals

The Bon

Bones and the Blackstars (+listen) (Roots Radiohead tribute)


Bonnie Ste-Croix  (listen) (listen) (videos)  (shows) (Folk/Roots) 

Book of Gnomes  (listen)  (Electroacoustic/Acousmatic/Tape/Experimental)

Bossa Tres (+listen+shows)  (Jazz/Bossa Nova/Samba/Latin/Vocals)

Box Full of Cash (+listen)  (video) (Old Country/Blues/Rock n’ Roll)

The Box Tiger (+listen+video)  (Rock)

The Boxcar Boys  (listen)  (enter site for shows & videos)  (Wild Gypsy/Old-Jazz,/Klezmer/Folk)

BraamDeJoodeVatcher Trio (+listen)  (Holland)  (Jazz)

Bradley and the Bouncers  (listen)   Video1  Video2 (Swing/Jazz Standards/Blues/Vocals)  

Bradley Trauzzi (+listen)  (Alternative/Pop/Acoustic)

Bradleyboy Mac Arthur (+listen+vido+shows)  (listen)  (Americana/Psycho-Gypsy Hillbilly)  

The Brains (+listen) (Montreal) (Psychobilly/Rockabilly/Punk)

Breaching Vista (+listen)  (Alternative/Pop Punk/Rock)

Bremner Duthie (+listen) Jazz Band (listen) (Jazz/Melodramatic Pop Song)

Brenda Lewis (+listen)  (Jazz/R&B/Roots/Vocalist)  

Brendan Davis (+listen)  (Jazz)

Brenna MaQuarrie (+listen)  (Jazz/Contemporary/Country)

Brett Yanchyk (+listen)  (Alternative/Acoustic)

Brian Arcand (+listen) (Folk) 

Brian Blain  (videos) (Blues/Country/Folk/Acoustic)

Brian Cosby  (Folk) 

Brian DeLima Trio (listen)  (shows) (Jazz)

Brian Gladstone (+listen)  (Roots/Acoustic/Bluegrass)

Brighter (+listen)  (Pop)

The Brights (+listen)  (listen)  (shows)  (Roots/Folk/Acoustic)

Brilliant Corners (Jazz/Vocals) 

Brock Zeman  (listen) (shows) (Carleton, Ont.) (Roots/Folk/Country)

Broken Bricks  (listen)   (Folk Rock/Rock)

Brooke Miller (+video)  (PEI)  (Folk/Pop)

Brothers Cosmoline (Country)

Brown Sugar

Brownman Akoustic Trio  (Jazz)

Juno Award Winner

Bruce Cassidy's  MBAQANGA African Jazz  (African Jazz)

Bruno Capinan (+listen) (Brazil/Canada)   (Pop/Experimental/Vocals-Portuguese)

The Bubba's New Jazz Project  (Jazz)

Bucaloose (+listen) w/  Vanessa Rodrigues (MTL)  (Jazz/Hammond B-3 Organ)

Buddy Aquilina Group  (Jazz)

Buddy Black (+listen)  (Punk/Country/Religious)

Burning Candy (+listen)  (listen)  (Rock/Funk)

Bruce Domoney (enter site to listen)  (Folk/Pop)

Brumwell Park

Butch Haller - Pink Licoln  (video)  (Rock/Rockabilly)

Butch Haller and his Chesterfield Ramblers  (video1)  (video2)  (Rock Covers) 

Buzz Deluxe  (listen+shows)  (shows)  (Rock/Punk/Rockabilly)

Byung-Gul Jung Jazz Bnad  (Jazz)

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