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Toronto’s Indie Live Music listings for Blues/Folk/Roots/Country/East Coast/Jazz++   

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Dafydd Hughes (+listen) Jazz Trio   (Jazz/Experimental)

Dafnis Prieto Si O Si Quartet (+listen)  (New York) (Jazz)  

Dahlia Fernandes  (video) (listen  (Pop/Fusion/Country)

Dan Boniferro     

Dan Bryk (+listen)  (listen2) (New YorK)  (Alternative/Melodramatic Popular Song)

Dan Dufour  (Blues Guitar)

Dan Frechette  (listen) (shows) (Winnipeg)  (Folk/Roots)

Dan Gordon (+listen)  (Folk Rock/Acoustic)   

Dan Kershaw (of Brothers Cosmoline)  (Roots/Country)

Dan McCarthy Trio (N.Y.) (Jazz)  

Dan Mock (+listen+shows) (Blues/Soul/Jazz)    

Dani Jean (+video)  (Pop)

Daniel and The Lions Den   

Daniel Easty Group (Jazz)  

Daniel Jamieson Big Band (N.Y.) (Jazz)

Daniel Skye (+listen)  (Pop/Roots) 

Daniel Moir  (listen) (Edmonton)   (Folk/Alternative/Americana)

Daniela Nardi (+listen)  (listen)  (videos) (Acoustic/Nu-Jazz/Rock)  

Danny Depoe  (listen)  (Jazz/Pop/Rock)

Danny Marks  (video1)  (video2)  (video3)  (shows) (Blues/Rock’n’Roll/Surf/Vocals)

Dany Laj (+listen)   (Powerpop/Rock/Flamenco)

Danyluk and Card (listen) (shows) (Edmonton) (Acoustic Folk Rock)  

D'Arcy Wickham  (listen)  (Folk)

The Dardanelles  (listen)  (videos)  (Newfoundland) (East Coast/Folk/Bluegrass)

Darkest Side of The Moon (Pink Floyd Tribute)

Darran Poole (+listen) (Blues)

Darrelle London (+listen)  (Pop)

Darren Eedens (+listen)  (Folk/Folk Rock/Roots)

Darren Sigesmund Group (Instrumental Jazz)  

Darrin Yorston (+listen)  (Bluegrass/Country/Folk)

Darryl Orr Jazz Band (Jazz)

Das Quintet (Jazz)  

Dave Bidini 

Dave Borins (+shows)  (video+listen)  (Acoustic/Folk Rock/Roots

Dave Kupferschmidt    

Dave & Levi (Jazz Duo)

Dave Mccann & The FireHearts (listen)  (shows) (Americana/Southern Rock)

Dave McMurdo (Jazz)  

Dave McMurdo Jazz Orchestra (Jazz)  

The Toronto based The Dave McMurdo Jazz Orchestra is a writer's band which highlights ensemble sounds and new 21st Century Music in dynamic compositions and arrangements by Dave McMurdo, Don Thompson,  Mike Malone, Reg Schwager and  Phil Nimmons.

Dave Murphy Band  (shows)  (Covers Classic Rock, Blues... Everything)  

Dave Neill Quartet (listen) (Jazz)  

Dave Picco (+listen)  (Country/Rock/Soul)

Dave Picco & Jetset Motel (+listen)  (Alternative/Country/Rock)

Dave Rave (listen) (Pop/Rock/Power Pop)  

Dave Restivo Trio (Instrumental Jazz)  

Dave Ryan (Stevie Ray Vaughan Experience)

Dave Ward (+listen)  (Alternative/Acoustic/Freestyle)

Dave Young  (listen) Octet (Jazz)  

Dave Young  (listen) & Terry Promane (16 piece) Big Band (Jazz)

Dave Whalen and the Starlights  (Country/East Coast)

Dave Ward Band   

David Aaron Carter Jazz Trio (+listen) (Jazz)

David Baxter (+listen+shows)  (Roots/Folk/Country)

David Celia  (listen)  (video)  (shows)  (Pop/Folk Rock/Rock)  

Davide Direnzo  (Drums/Percussionist)

2007 Juno Award for R&B ‘Soul Recording of the Year’ (Jacksoul for mySOUL) as a member of Jacksoul, 2008  National Jazz Awards Nominee as ‘Jazz Drummer of the Year’

David Essig  (listen)  (B.C.) (Acoustic/Blues/Folk

David French (+listen) (saxophonist) (Jazz

David Leask (+listen)  (Country Pop/Celtic)

Mississauga Established Performing Artist of the Year, 1st place in the International Songwriting Competition, 1st & 2nd place in the Unisong International Songwriting Competition, 2nd place in both the John Lennon Competition and U.S.A. Song Contest

David Newland  (shows)  (Ukulele/Vocals)

David Rotundo (listen)  (listen)  (video1)  (video2)  (Blues)

The Davidson/Murley/Braid Quintet (D.M.B.Q) (Jazz

Juno Award winners Mike Murley, David Braid, and emerging artist Tara Davidson. They represent world-class improvisation with lyrical grace, contemporary harmony, and rhythmic vitality. 

The Dead Flowers (+listen) (+shows) (Sudbury)  (Rock/Grunge)

Dean’s Dragons  (Surf Instrumental)

Dear Sister (+listen)  (Folk/Roots)

Decade Of Sleep  (videos)  (listen+video) (shows) (Progressive/Rock)  

Décota Mcnamara  (Nova Scotia)  (Acoustic/Folk/Country)

Décota McNamara’s unique sound, which blends traditional bluegrass, Celtic and Acadian roots

with contemporary pop and country rock flavors, is capturing the hearts of a swiftly growing fan base. Moving effortlessly between acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, mandolin and dobro. Décota's command of string instruments is as impressive as his rich vocals and clever songwriting. 

Dee Dee & The Dirty Martinis  (video)  (1960’s R&B)

Dee Planche (+listen)  (Pop/Rock/Electronica)  

Deidrey Francois  (listen)  (videos)   (Jazz/Vocals)  

Del Dako Quintet  (video) (listen1) (listen2)  (Jazz/Saxophonist)

Denis Schingh Solo (+listen)  (All Genres/Pianist) 

Denise Leslie Jazz Trio (+listen)  (Jazz/Vocals)

Derek Pilgrim (+listen)  (Newfoundland Trad.&Country/New & Old Country)

Devin Cuddy  (video)   (Accoustic/Pop

Devolver (+listen)  (Rock/Metal)

Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley (+listen)  (Blues)

Diana Cathrine and the Thrusty Tweeters  (video) (listen) (shows)  (Americana/Folk Rock)

Diana Z  (listen) (Pop/Roots)

Dianne Ryder (Top 40/Dance/R&B Covers)

Digging Roots  (videos)  (listen)  (shows) (Hip-hop/Folk/Psychedelic)

25 awards including: 2009 Award for Best Group at the CAMAs, a Juno award,  best blues, best songwriter, best new artist, and most recently best group/duo among others 

Dino Dominelli Jazz Trio  (listen) (Edmonton) (Jazz/Saxophonist)

Dione Taylor+listen  (listen) (Jazz/Vocals)

The Dirty Dogs  (listen) (Rock/Blues/Alternative)

Dirt Farmer (+listen)  (Rock/Alternative/Pop)

Dirty Hurricane  (Hard Rock)

The Dishes  (listen) (Rock ‘n Roll/Rock

Distillery Blues Band (+listen+shows)  (Blues)

The Divorcees  (listen) (Moncton) (Country/HonkyTonk

Dixie Demons  (Jazz)

D.M.B.Q  (The Davidson/Murley/Braid Quintet) (Jazz

Juno Award winners Mike Murley, David Braid, and emerging artist Tara Davidson. They represent world-class improvisation with lyrical grace, contemporary harmony, and rhythmic vitality. 

Doc Barrister's Harlem Rhythm  (Jazz)

Doc MacLean (+listen)  (Blues Guitar)

Dodge Fiasco  (Psychobilly/R&B/Country)                           

Dom De Luca (+listen) (Acoustic/Folk/Rock)

Domino Reunion 

Don Byron  (listen) (New York)  (Jazz)

Don Palmer Quartet (Jazz)

Don Scott Trio (+listen) (Jazz)  

Don Valley Stompers (article) (Trad. New Orleans Jazz)  

The Donefors  (listen+shows)   (Pop/Experimental/Roots)

The Done Me Wrongs (listen) (Country/Roots/Alt.Country/Humour)  

Donna Ferra  (listen)  (Country/Pop)

Donna Garner Piano solo   


Donna Grantis Group (Jazz)

Donna Green Swing Band (Jazz/Swing)

Donna Greenberg Trio (+listen)  (video)  (listen)  (shows)

Donné  Roberts  (listen)  (World Music)

2005 Juno Award for Best World Music Album

Doron Zor Jazz and Blues Band (+listen) (Funk/Blues/Nu-Jazz/Rock)

Double A Jazz Duo (listen1) (listen2) (Jazz)

Double O Soul  (listen(10 piece Funk/Soul/R&B)

Doug Paisley (+listen) (Popular/Indie/Folk) 

Douglas September (+listen)   (Alternative/Concrete/Psychobilly)

(Down By Riverside (+listen)  (Reggae/Rock/Soul)

Downtown Swing Band (Swing/Jazz Standards/Vocals)  

Dr. Dfunk   

Dr. Draw (+listen)  (video1) (video2)  (listen) (article) (Montreal) (Jazz/Classical/Rock/Violin)

Dr. Nick & The Rollercoasters (Blues)      

Draw the Outs (+listen)  (Roots/Country)

Drew Austin (+listen) (Blues/Jazz/Soul)

Drew Hawkins (+listen)  (Alternative/Country)

Drew Rouse & The Gathering  (listen & videos)   (Accpustic/Pop/Folk

Drew Smith (+listetn)  (Hamilton)  (Alternative/Rock/Pop)

Dryer  (listen)  (video)   (Pop/Folk)

2010 their song "Seen Enough" was featured on an episode of the TV show Bones

Duane & Brooke Blackburn (+listen)  (video)  (Blues/R&B/Soul)

The Dudes  (video)  (Calgary)   (Pop/Rock)    

Duke & The Dell-ites (video) w/ Luke Nicholson (+listen)  (Rock/Pop)

Luke has two Genie award nominations (including “BREATHE”) in the 2007 motion picture “Poor Boy’s Game”, 2006 winner of the Molson Canadian Battle of the Bands

Duel Exhaust   (Country/Newfie

Duncan Hopkins Group (Jazz)  

The Dust Bunnies (+listen)    (Alternative/Folk)

Dustin Bentall    

Dwyane Gretzky (videos)  (Rock/Soul Covers)

Dylan Murray and Friends  (Rock/Alternative/Country)

Dylan Wickens  (shows)  (Blues)

2x Toronto Blues Society Talent Search Winner, Maple Blues Award Nominee

Dylan Wickens & Cassius Pereira  (shows)  (Blues)

2x time National Talent Search Winner plus a Maple Blues Award Nominee

Dylan Wickens (+listin) & TheGrand Naturals  (Blues)

2x time National Talent Search Winner plus a Maple Blues Award Nominee

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