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Kaleb Hikele (listen)  aka  The Sun Harmonic  (listen) (Acoustic-Alt Folk)

The Kamalas (New Brunswick) (Punk)

KaraMel (+listen) (Los Angeles) (Pop/Melodramatic Popular Song)

Karen Kosowski   (listen) (Rock/Pop/Alt.)

Karen Ng (Jazz)    

Karma Kreeps (listen)  (Alternative/Grunge/Psychedelic)

Karyn Ellis  (listen)  (videos)  (Alternative/Folk/Pop

Kat Kings  (listen)  (shows)  (Blues / Rock / Roots)

Katee Mitic 

Kate Kreiswirth    

Katie Stelmanis (+listen+shows) (Alternative/Pop)    

Kathleen Edwards (+listen) (Ottawa) (Pop)  (enter site for shows and videos)

Kathleen Gorman (+listen) Jazz Band (Jazz/Blues/Acoustic)    

Kathryn Merriam  (listen)  (shows)  (Jazz Vocalist)

Kayla Howran (+listen) & The Fellas  (Folk/Pop)

Kalya Ramu (+listen)  (videos) (Jazz Vocals)

KC and the Moonshine Band  (listen+shows) (Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Lounge

Keek (+listen)  (Rock)    

Keith and Renee

Kelly Prescott (+listen+shows)  (Ottawa)  (Alternative/Country/Soul)

Kellylee Evens (listen+shows) (videos) (listen) (Soul/Pop/Jazz) 

Kelsey McNulty Jazz Band  (Jazz)

Ken Baird

Ken MacDonald Jazz Band  (listen) (shows)  (Jazz)

Ken Workman & the Union (Ottawa)  (Roots/Roc /Alternative)

Ken Yoshioka (+listen) (Blues/Roots/Rock)    

Kenny Simon Guitar Solo (+listen)  (Acoustic/Standards)

The Kensington Hillbillies (+listen) (Country/Regional Mexican/Crunk)

Keslsey McNulty Jazz Band (Jazz)    

Kev Corbett  (listen) (Halifax)  (Experimental / Folk)

Kevin Brathwaite  (listen) (Soul/Rock)

Kevin Christoff (from Simply Saucer) 

Kevin Dean  (Jazz/Trumpeter&Organist)

Kevin Laliberte (+video) Latin Jazz Band (shows)   (Accoustic/Latin Jazz) 

Kevin Miles Wilson (+listen) (Folk Rock)

Kevin Overs  (Jazz Bassist)

Kevin Quain (+shows)  (video)  (listen) (Cabaret-noir/Jazz/Piano/Vocals )  [STT]

2004 Dora Mavor Moore Outstanding New Musical (General Theatre) Award for “Tequila Vampire Matinee”

(at the Rex)

Kevin Quain (+shows)  (video)  (listen) (Rags/Standards/Piano/Vocals

2004 Dora Mavor Moore Outstanding New Musical (General Theatre) Award for “Tequila Vampire Matinee”

Kevin Quain & The Mad Bastards (video1)  (video2) (listen) (Cabaret-noir/Jazz/Vocals) [STT] 

2004 Dora Mavor Moore Outstanding New Musical (General Theatre) Award for “Tequila Vampire Matinee”

The Keyframes (+listen)  (Country/Rock/Bluegrass)

Kgomotso "KG" Tsatsi (+listen)  (Hip Hop/R& /Pop)

Khristine Schmitt (+shows) and The Powers That Be (Country/Bluegrass/Blues)

Kids On TV (+listen)   (Punk/Disco House/Experimental)

Kidstreet (+listen)  (Electronica/ Acoustic/Club)

Kiki Misumi (+listen) Quintet  (Jazz/Pop/Cello-Vocals)

Kilowatt Band  (R&B/Funk)

Kim and Frank Koren  (shows)  (Country/Rock/Blues)

Kim Beggs  (listen)  (Yukon)  (Folk/Roots/Country)

3rd place winner in the International Songwriting Competition (Americana)

Kim Cole  (listen)  (Roots/Country/Pop 

The Kim Doolittle Band  (video)  (listen)  (Rock/Blues/Country Covers)

Kim Ratcliffe  (Jazz Guitar)

Kim Wempe  (listen+shows)  (Folk Rock/Country/Acoustic)

Kim Wempe won the 2009 Nova Scotia Music Award for Folk Recording Of The Year, for her May 2009 release, “Where I Need to Be”. Kim was nominated for two 2010 East Coast Music Awards in the categories of Female Artist of the Year and Rising Star of the Year.  From her Saskatchewan roots to he current residence in Nova Scotia, she's is known for playing toe-tapping rhythms and a wide range of styles from soulful blues melodies to jazzy folk tunes,

Kinga Gorny Jazz  (Jazz/Pop/Standards/Vocals)

The Kingmakers  (videos)  (listen)  (Ottawa)  (Rockabilly/Rock n Roll) 

Kingsley Ettienne  (video)  (Jazz)

Kinnie Star (+listen) (video_shows)  (Alt./Hip Hop/Rock)

Kirby  (listen)  (Hamilton) (Acoustic/Folk/Rock)

Kirk MacDonald (+listen)  (shows)  (Jazz Saxiphonist)

Kirsten Scholte (+listen+shows) (Folk/Country/Rock)

Kite Trio (+videos)  (Jazz)

Kitgut's Old Time String Band  (Roots/Country/Bluegrass)

Krista Muir (+listen+video+shows)  (Folk/Pop)

Kristin Lindell (+listen)  (Folk/Jazz/Roots)

Kristine Schmitt and her Special Powers (+listen) (Bluegrass/Country)

Krome (+listen)  (Vancouver) (Rock/Alternative)

Kurt Nielsen and Richard Whiteman(+listen) Jazz Trio  (Jazz)

Kwesi Selassie  (shows)  (Reggae/African)

Kyp Harness (+listen) (Folk Rock/Rock)

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