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Cadillac Ranch Matinee (Country)  

The Cafe Ole (+listen) (Flamenco-Jazz)  

The Calrizians   (Surf/Rock 

The Cameron Brothers Band      

The Cameron Family Singers   (listen)  (Old Country Standards/Roots) 

The Campfire Girls    

Canteen Knockout (+listen+videos)  (Country/Rock)

Capital Stacks (+video)  (listen)  (Hip Hop)     

Cara Matthew  (listen)  (shows)  (Jazz Vocals)

Carey West  (listen)  (Americana/Jazz/Soul/R&B)

Carey West Group   (Jazz Standards/Vocals)

Caribbean Diaspora  (Reggae Covers)

Caribou Country  (Country/Newfoundland  

Carin Redman  (bio)  (Jazz/Vocals)

Carina Round (+listen)  (listen)  (London/LA)  (Alternative/Rock)

Carissa Newfeld Jazz Duo  (Jazz Pianist/Vibraphonist)  

Carlo Berardinucci  (listen) (Jazz Standards/Vocals)

Carlos Amaran Boealis Band     

Carlos Morgan & The Flow (+listen) (R&B/Soul/Pop)

1997 Juno Award for Best R&B/Soul Recording "Feelin' Alright", 1997 MuchMusic Video Award for Best R&B/Soul Video and 1997 & 1998 Canadian Urban Music Award for Best Vocalist and Best R&B Video for "Give It To You". 1998 SOCAN Urban Music Awards,  for both his talent and pioneering efforts to bring notoriety to the many gifted urban music artists in Canada, 1997 Caribbean Cultural Committee Award for Best New Comer and Best Songwriter

Read more:

Carly and Mark (listen)  (Pop/Folk/Jazz/Blues)

Carol McCartney (+listen) Quartet  (Jazz/Vocals)

Carolyn Martin-Rowe Group  (Jazz/Vocals)  

Carolyn Steingard Jazz Duo  (Jazz)  

Carolyn T  (Carolyn Thompson)  (listen+shows) (R&B/Soul/Jazz/MotwonPop//Funk)

Cat Ratusny (+listen)  (listen)  (Rock/Folk Rock/Acoustic)

Catfish Blues (Blues)

Catherine MacLellan  (listen)  (PEI)  (Acoustic/Folk)  

CATL (+listen) (Blues/R&B/Rock) 

Chantelle Wilson (+listen) Jazz Duo   (Jazz/Vocals

Charles Tilden (+listen)  (Folk/Pop)

Charlotte Cornfield (+listen)  (MTL) (Folk Rock/Alternative/Pop)

Cheetah Chrome  (video) (Classic Punk)

Cheryl Lescom  (video)  (Blues)

Cheryl Thibideau (+listen)  (listen)  (Classic Country Covers)

Chet Valiant Combo  (Jazz/Swing/Vocals)

Chloe Charles (+listen+shows)  (Acoustic/Folk)

Chloe Watkinson (+listen) (Soul/Blues/Funk

Chris Antonik (enter site for shows)  (listen) (Blues)

Chris Bennett (+listen) (Roots/Country/Rock)

Chris Buthcher Jazz Band  (Jazz)

Chris Chambers  (shows)  (Blues)

Chris Coole (enter site to listen)  (Bluegrass/Roots/Banjo)

Chris Dignam

Chris Gale (listen) (Jazz Saxophonist)

Chris Gostling (+listen)  (Folk Rock/Jazz/Experimental)

Chris Hart (+listen +video + shows) (London, Ont.)  (Americana/Roots)

Chris Hunt Tetnet  (listen)  (Modern/Original Big Band Jazz)  

Chris Staig (listen1) (listen2) (shows)

Chris Tarry Group  (NY) (listen)  (Brooklyn, NY) (Jazz/Nu-Jazz/Rock)   

Chris Tarry is an internationally celebrated Canadian electric bassist with 3 Juno awards including one for his CD “Almost Certainly Dreaming”.

Chris Virtue (+listen)  (Jazz/Folk/Funk)

Chris Whiteley & Diana Braithwaite  (+listen)  (Blues)

Christian D and the Hangovers (+listen)  (Rock/Rockabilly/Country)

Christine Bougie (+listen)  (Guitar

Christopher Butcher Jazz Band  (Jazz)  

Christopher Plock (listen)  (Jazz)  

Chuck Jackson  (Blues)

Chuck Simms (listen1) (Listen2)  (East Coast/Country) 

Cindy Fairbank Quartet  (Jazz

Circles Quartet (+listen) (Jazz

City Roots Presents

Clang (listen)  (Rock

The Clark Institute  (listen)  (James Clarke) (shows) (Alternative Pop/Rock/Acoustic)  

Classic Rex Jazz Jam (Jazz)

The Classy Chassys (+listen) (Saskatchewan)  (Blues/Rockabilly/Swing)

Clela Errington (+listen) (Acoustic Folk Meets Jazz)    

Cliff Ojala Jazz Band (Jazz

Chloé Watkinson (+listen) (Blues/Jazz/Funk/Soul

Club Django (site has music samples+ shows)  (Gypsy/Swing Jazz)

Coleman Tinsley  (Jazz

Colin Brady

The Colin Linden  (listen) (Nashville/Toronto) (Blues/Roots/Americana)

7x Juno winner, multiple Maple Blues Awards, a Toronto Arts Award and a Grammy nominee.  He has: recorder 11 solo albums (as of 2009),  produced over 70 albums, and played on over 300 albums. His songs have been covered by The Band, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Keb’ Mo’, and Colin James

Collette Savard (+vidoes+showsd)  (listen)  (Pop / Folk / Acoustic

Colleen Hodgson (+listen)  (Folk/Roots)

Colonel Tom and the American Pour (+shows)  (video)  (Roots/Old time Country

Colony of Wolves  

Colorblind Brian Blain’s Blues Campfire (videos) (Blues/Country/Folk/Acoustic)

Combo Royale (+video)    (Ska/Bluegrass/Old Jazz)

The Commandeers  (+listen)  (Garage/Glam/Rock)

Conrad Gayle Jazz Duo   (Jazz

The Cookers  (listen)  (shows)  (Jazz)

The Coppertone  (listen)  (Pop/Rock)

Corin Raymond and the Sundowners  (listen +shows) (Country/Folk/Roots)

Cornucopia Jazz Band (Jazz)

The County Boys (+listen +shows) (Peterbourough)   (Acoustic/Classical Opera/Country)

Courtney Quebec Jazz Band (+listen) (Jazz/Vocals)

Cousin Harley (+shows)  (listen) (listen)   (Rockabilly/Roots

The Cowan Street Ramblers Bluegrass Band   (Bluegrass)

The Crackling (Vancouver) (Folk Rock/Rock)

Craig Smith Band  (listen+shows) (Folk/Rock)

Crazy Strings (Bluegrass)

Cross-eyed Cat Blues Band  (video) (Blues)

Crummy Stuff  (Garage/R&B/Rockabilly)

Crusader Rabbit (Jazz)

The Cubadors  (Rock)

Cuff The Duke (listen) (Alt. Country/Rock) 

Cyndi Carleton Jazz & Swing Band  (Jazz/Swing)   

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