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Ladies of the Canyon (+listen) (Country/Pop/Folk) 

Ladybird (+listen+shows) (Americana/Folk Rock/Pop)

Lady  Hayes (+listen)  (Folk Rock)

Languge Arts  (listen)  (Alternative)

Lara MacMillan (Variety) 

Lara Solnicki Jazz Band (listen) (shows) (Jazz/Vocals)

Larra Skye Group  (listen +shows)  (Jazz/Vocals)

Laugh Rebel (listen) (shows) (Pop/Acoustic)

Laura Bird  (listen+shows)  (Folk/Acoustic/Alternative

Laura Fernandez (enter site to listen)  (Pop/Jazz/English & Spanish)

Laura Hubert Band  (listen)   (Jazz Standards/Vocals)

Laura Marks Trio (Jazz/Vocals)

Laura Repo (+listen)  (listen+shows)  (Roots/Country/Folk)

Lauren Best  (listen)  (Pop)

The Laws (+video) (Wheatley On/Nashville) (listen) (video) (Americana/Bluegrass/Country)

Layla Zoe  (listen) (video1)  (video2)  (Victoria)  (Blues/Soul)

Female Vocalist of the Year" on Vancouver Island, BC (2006), won the Compo 10 International blues songwriting competition in Jaarvenpaa, Finland in 2006, won the prestigious International Blues Heritage Contest in Finland

Lazy John (+listen) (Hastings County) (Bluegrass/Country/Folk)

Lead Sled Rocket (+listen)  (Oshawa)  (Psychobilly/Rockabilly)

Leah State Trio (Jazz/Vocals)

LeE HARVeY OsMOND  (listen) (shows) (Americana/Folk Rock/Alternative)  

Lee Wallace Trio (Jazz) 

The Legendary Dirtbikers (+listen)   (Power Pop/Garage/Indie)

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra  (video)  (Gypsy/Punk)

Leon Knight and the Neon Lights  (listen) (shows) (Country)

Les Singes Bleus (+listen+video+shows)  (French Pop)

The Lesson (+listen)  (Rock/Pop)

Leyland Gordon Group (+listen)  (Jazz)

Lester McLean Trio (+listen)  (Soul/R&B/Jazz/Vocals)

Liam Morin Jazz Trio  (Jazz

Lickin’ Good Fried  (listen) (shows) (Country/Bluegrass/Acoustic)

Lickpenny Loafer (Progressive Pop)

Life Size Dream (+listen) (Rock/R&B/Pop)

Lily Frost  (listen)  (Minimalist/Alternative/Lyrical)

Linda McRae (listen) (shows)  (Vancouver/Nashville) (Folk/Roots/Americana)

Lindi Ortega  (listen) (Pop/Acoustic with a country flavour) 

Lindsay Beaver Jazz Band  (Jazz

Lioness (listen)  (Rock/Electronic)

The Liquidaires (listen1) (listen2) (listen3)  (Pop/World Rhythm)

Lisa Bozikovic (+shows)   (listen)  (Concrete/Emotronic/Visual)   

Lisa Manis (listen)  (Country/Southern Rock/Pop)

Lisa Marie Kruchak  (listen)  (Acoustic/Alt. Folk

Lisa McCallum (Pop)  

Lisa Michelle  (R&B/NeoSoul/Pop)  

Little Black Dress (+listen)   (Rock)

Little Miss Higgens  (listen)  (videos)  (Jazz/Folk/Blues/Vocals)

“Junction City” won as Outstanding Blues Recording at Western Canadian Music Awards

Little Foot Long Foot  (listen+video)  (shows) (Rock/Blues/Country

Little Jimmy’s Chicken Pickers  (Americana/Country/Glam

Little Miss Zombie Show w/ Christian D and the Hangovers (+listen)  (Rock/Rockabilly/Garage)

Live How You Live 

Lloyd Young and Mickey Andrews  (Country/Newfoundland)

Lonesome Lefty (+listen) (Windsor)  (Americana/Country/Roots)

The Long Haul (+listen)  (Roots)

Lord Bubba's Nu-Jazz project (Jazz)

Lori Cullen (listen) (+listen) (shows) (Folk/Jazz/Pop)

Lori Yates  (listen) (Country/Folk/Alternative)

Lorne Nehring Trio w Tom Reynolds (Nashville) 

Lorraine Luck and Her Demons

Los Caballeros Del Son “The Gentlemen of Song” 

The Lost Anglers (+listen) (Rock/Roots/Country)

Lou DeAdder Band

Louisiana Snow Blowers (+listen)  (Country/Blues)

Louis Simao Trio (Jazz)

The Low Heroes (+listen)   (Rock/Soul/Blues)

Low Level Flight (+listen) (Pop/Rock)

Lowell Whitty Jazz Band (Jazz)

Luau Or Die (+listen)  (Surf Instrumental)

Lucas Stagg (+listen+video+shows)  (Alternative/Roots /Rock)

Luke Nicholson (+listen)  (Rock/Pop)  

two Genie award nominations (including “BREATHE”) in the 2007 motion picture “Poor Boy’s Game”, 2006 winner of the Molson Canadian Battle of the Bands

Lumberjunk (+video+listen)  (Kitchener)  (Rock)

Luther Wright and The Wrongs  (listen)  (Pop Punk/Roots)

Luxury Bob (+listen)  (Folk/Pop)

The Lying Cheats (+listen)  (Rock/Experimental)

Lynda Covello  (video)  (Jazz Standards/Vocals)

Lyne Tremblay  (video1)  (video2)  (Jazz/Cabaret/French/English Vocals)

Lynne Hanson (+listen+shows+video) (Ottawa)  (Americana/Roots/Folk)

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