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Toronto’s Indie Live Music listings for Blues/Folk/Roots/Country/East Coast/Jazz++   

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The Eatons 

The Earthtones (Jazz, 7 Piece Ensemble/Vocals)


Echo & Twang (+listen)  (Americana/Roots/Country)

Edgar Breau  (listen)   (Folk Rock/Root//Folk)

Elana McMurty (+listen)  (Pop//Folk)

Elana Harte  (listen)  (listen+shows)  (Americana/Acoustic/Folk)

Elena Kapeleris (+listen) Jazz Trio (Jazz/Sax/Vocals)

The Elava Quartet

Electro Swing Club  

Stage Acts:
Rambunctious – 10 piece Horn Ensemble
Esther De Ville – Burlesque Strip Tease

DJs: medicineman / Foxtrot Holmes

Vintage Visuals: Epochapex

Elf TV

Eli Bennett Quartet (listen1) (listen2)  (Jazz)  

Eliana Cuevas Latin Jazz Band   (listen) (video) (Latin Jazz)   

Elizabeth Martins Jazz Trio  (Jazz)   

Elizabeth Sheppard (+listen) Jazz Band  (Jazz/Soul)   

Ellie Anderson  (listen)  (shows) (Alt Folk-Pop/ Folk Rock)

Elmer Ferrer  (videos)  (Jazz Guitar)

EI Mosaico (+listen) Flamenco  (Flamenco-Jazz-Fusion)

Elvis Bossa Nova  (listen)  (shows)  (Latin/Rockabilly)

Elvyn (+listen)  (Peterborough) (Folk Rock/Pop/Powerpop)

The Elwins (+videos)  (Pop)

Emaline Delapaix   (myspace+video)  (Folk/Melodramatic Popular Song/Experimental)

Emerson Street Rhythm Band (ESRB) (+listen)  (Funk/Jam Band/Rock)

Emily and the Blue Callers (+listen)  (Blues)

Emily Jill West (+listen) (Alberta)  (Folk/Acoustic/Country/Pop)

Emily MacLeod (+listen) (Blues/R&B/Soul/Vocals)

Emma Lee (+listen)  (listen+shows) (Melodramatic Pop Song/Soul/Folk

Engine Quintet   (Jazz)

Entire Cities   (listen)  (Experimental/Country/Psychedelic)

Erica Werry  (listen) (Folk Rock/Roots)

Eric Fisher (+listen)  (Acoustic/Folk Rock/Pop)

Eric St. Laurent  (listen)  (Jazz/R&B/Tango)

Eric St. Laurent Jazz Band  (listen)  (Jazz)

Erin McCallum Band  (video)  (shows)  (Blues)

Establishing a sound revolving around her captivating alto tenor voice, Erin and her band have been nominated twice for an Ontario Independent Music Award ("Best Blues Band")  (January 2010)

Ernesto Cervini (listen1) (listen2) (shows)  (Jazz Drummer)

The Ethers (+listen)  (Rock/Roots)

Eugene Smith (+listen)   (Blues)

Eugene Ripper (+listen)   (Rock/Electroacoustic/Lyrical)

Evalyn Parry  (videos) (Folk)

Eve Goldberg  (listen) (Folk/Blues/Roots)

Everywhere (+listen+video)  (Rock/Alternative)

Evil Farm Children (+listen)   (Rockabilly/Surf/Psychobilly)

Ewan Dobson (+listen)  (Instrumental/Acoustic/Folk/Classical)

2009 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, 2009 Montreal Guitar Grand Prix's Acoustic Category

3rd in the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship in Winfield, KS. (February 2010)

Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band (Dixieland Jazz)  

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The F Holes (+listen) (Winnipeg) (Rockabilly/Roots/Swing)

Faber & Freedman Jazz Duo  (Jazz)

Fabio Ragnelli Group (Jazz)  

Fabio Ragnelli Group featuring Eli Bennett Quartet (listen1) (listen2) (Jazz)  

Fathead  (listen)  (video1) (video2)  (Blues)

2x Juno winner of Blues Recording Of The Year (1998 & 2008)

Faye Blais  (videos+listen)   (Folk/Pop)

Fearing & White  (listen)  (shows)  (Canada/Ireland)  (Folk/Roots)  

Fearing is A double Juno award winner

Fedora Upside Down  Thursdays    (Urban Folk)

Fern Lindzon  (listen) (Listen)  (Jazz/piano/Vocals)  


Fiddlestix  (listen) (videos) (shows)  (Celtic/East Coast/Country Rock)

Field Trip (Montreal) (+listen) (Jazz/Nu-Jazz/Experimental)  

Fifth Avenue  (Old-time Rock n Roll)

The Fig Leaf Jazz Band  (Jazz)  

Fighter/Lover  (listen)  (Electro/Live Electronics/Soul)

Filo Machado (Brazil) (Jazz & Samba)

The Fire Numbers

Fish & Bird  (listen)  (BC)  (Acoustic/Roots/Folk Rock)

The Flava Quartet  (Jazz)  

The Flatt River Band (w/ Randy Morrison)    (Bluegrass)  

2010 "Fiddle player of the Year" at the Canadian Central Bluegrass Awards

Flo (+listen)  (listen)  (Winnipeg)  (R&B/Neo-soul/Pop)  

Florian Hoefner Quartet  (listen) (N.Y.)  (Jazz)  

The Flyboys   

The Flying Bordelos (+listen)   (Surf/Vocals)

The Foggy Hogtown Boys  (listen)  (Bluegrass)  

FolkJazz Project (w/ Penn’s Arthur Goldstein-Piano) (Jazz

The Foreign Films (+listen)  (Hamilton) (Power Pop/Psychedelic)

Framework Collective  (Jazz

The France St. Trio  (Jazz

Francine Hailman (+listen)  (shows) (Jazz)

Francisco Mela  (Cuban Drummer)  (listen1) (listen2) (Jazz)

Francisco Pais Group (Boston) (Jazz)

Francois Bourassa (video) (listen) (Montreal) (Jazz/Pianist)

Frank Botos Quintet  (Jazz)

Frank Lozano Quintet (Montreal) (+listen) (Instrumental Jazz)

Frank Nevada (+listen) (Pop/Rock/Lounge)

Frank N’ Jay’s Old Time String Band

Fraser Melvin Blues Band (+listen) (Blues/Jazz/Soul)

Frazey Ford  (listen)  (Vancouver)  (Folk/Pop)

Fred Speck Camp Combo (+shows) (listen)  (Wacky/Alt-Jazz/Experimental/Lounge/Vocals) [STT comment: think modern Spike Jones]

Free Whiskey String Band 

Freedom Denied  (listen)  (Thrashcore/Intense/Progressive)

Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party (+listen)  (Folk/Folk Rock)

Freeway Dixieland Band (Dixieland Jazz/Vocals)  

Friendly Rich  listen  (Experimental/Alternative/Pop)

Friends Are Free

Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People  (listen)  (shows)  (videos) (Alt./Experimental/Pop & just plain weird)

The Frotteurs (+listen) (Quebec)  (Rock)

Funk Explosion (video)  (Funk)

Funk INC (Jazz/Funk/R&B)

The Fugitives (+listen) (shows) (Vancouver)  (Folk/Pop)   

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