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Toronto’s Indie Live Music listings for Blues/Folk/Roots/Country/East Coast/Jazz++   

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Sabor Latin Jazz Band  (listen) (Latin/Jazz)

The Sadies  (listen)  (shows)  (Country/Psychedelic/Rock)

Saffron Sect (+listen) (Psychedelic/Religious/Folk Rock)

Sal Rosselli Quartet (+listen)  (Jazz)

Sam Broverman (+listen)  (Jazz Standards/Vocals)

Sam Cash  (Roots/Folk)

Samantha Clayton  (videos)  (shows)  (Jazz Vocals)

Samantha Martin   (listen)   (Roots/Country)

Samantha Martin and The Haggard (listen)  (Info)  (Roots/Country)

Sandra Bouza (+listen) (Vancouver)  (Folk Rock/R&B/Soul)

Sandy McIntyre and Steeped In Tradition (listen)   (Celtic)

Sara Dell  (listen)  (shows) (Pop/Rock/Alternative)

Sara Kamin (+listen+shows)  (Acoustic/Folk/Blues)

Sarah Begin (+listen +shows)  (Jazz/Latin/Blues)

Sarah Burton  (+listen)   (Jazz/Latin/Blues)

Sarah Calvert Jazz Duo (listen) (more info)   (Jazz/Vocals)

Sarah Calvert  (listen)  (more info) (Folk/Blues/Vocals)

The Sarah & Jeff Show (+listen)  (Country/Rock/Bluegrass)

Sarah Jerrom Jazz Duo (+listen) (myspace) (Jazz/Vocals)

Sarah Loucks (+listen)   (Acoustic/Pop)

The Saturday Saints  (Acoustic/Roots)

Scarborough Bluffs

Scarlett Jane  (listen)  (shows)  (Roots-Rock)

Schomberg Fair (+listen)   (Blues/Folk/Country/Hard Rock)

Scott Cook  (listen)  (Edmonton)  (Folk/Reggae/Roots)

Scott Driscoll Band  (listen+video+shows)  (Pop/Folk)

Scott Kemp Collective (listen) (Jazz)   

Scott Mandu  

Scott McCord and the Bonafide Truth (+listen +shows)  (Soul/Rock/Blues)

Scott Marshall Group  (listen1) (listen2)  (listen) (Jazz)   

Scott Nolan  (listen) (Winnipeg) (Rock/Folk Rock/Alternative)

Scott Normandy (+listen) (listen +shows) (Alternative/Country)

Scott Pietrangelo Piano solo

Scotty and Linda Wells (Country/East Coast)

Scotty Campbell (+listen) (Country/Roots) 

Scotty Campbell (+listen) & his Wardenairs (Country/Roots) 

Scotty James (+video)  (listen) (Pop)

The Screwed (listen) (Vintage Punk/Garage Rock)  

Scrumpy Jack (+listen) (Blues)

Seaborn  (New Country/Standards/East Coast)  

Sean Bellaviti Jazz Band   (Jazz)  

Sean Bray's Peach Trio (+listen) (Instrumental Jazz/Roots/Blues)  

Sean Pinchin  (listen) (video) (listen+shows)  (Blues/Folk/Roots)

Seb Agnello (Folk/Roots)

Sebastian Cushing (+listen)   (Blues/Folk/Roots)  

Selina Martin  (listen)  (videos)  (shows)   (Folk Rock/Pop/Pop Punk)

The Septembers  (Rock/Punk)  

Serafin LaRiviere  (listen) (Jazz)  

Serena Ryder  (  (Pop/Folk/Blues)  

Setlist  (Classic Rock)

SFH (Shit From Hell)  (+listen)  (Punk)

Shaherah Maloney (+listen)   (R&B/Blues/Jazz)

Shakura S’Aide  (listen)  (shows)  (Blues/R&B)

Shane Philip  (listen)  (shows) (Vancouver Island) (Folk/Roots/Afro-beat)

Shane Philips  (listen) (shows) (Montreal)  (Soul)

Shannon Butcher Jazz Duo (+listen)  (listen)   (Jazz/Vocals)

Shawn Kellerman (+video)  (Blues/Roots Music/Rock)

Shawn Nykwist (enter to listen)  (Jazz/Saxophonist)

Shawn Sage  (listen)  (Alternative/Rock/Folk)

Shawna Caspi  (listen)  (listen)  (shows) (Folk)

Sheba Mojiahedi 



Sheesham and Lotus (+listen) (Kingston) (Americana/Roots/Folk) 

Shelby Lamb  (listen)  (Folk/ Rock/Acoustic

Sheldon Holder (video)  (Folk/ Rock/Acoustic)

Shelley O’Brien (+listen+shows)   (Pop/Folk)

Sherry-Lynn Lee (+listen)  (Pop)

Shit From Hell (SFH)  (+listen)  (Punk)

Shoba +listen +videos +shows (Pop)

The Shotgun Wedding Band (James Plouffe &) (+listen) (Melodramatic Pop Song/Hardcore/Folk Rock)

The Shovels  

Shrimp Daddy and the Sharpshooters (video) (Blues)

(Dan Gordon and) The Sure Things  (Alt. Country)

The Sicilian Jazz Project (Instrumental Jazz)

Sid’s Kids featuring Ginger St. James  (listen+video+shows) (Punk)

Sidney York (+listen)   (Pop)

Signe Miranda (+listen) (Acoustic/Folk Rock/Pop Punk)

Sigrun Stella (+listen+shows)  (Folk/Soul)

The Silver Hearts (+listen)  (Peterborough)  (Blues/Folk Rock/Jazz)

Silver Wings (Linda & Scotty Wells) (Country/East Coast)

Les Singes Bleus (+listen+video+shows)  (French Pop)

Simeon Ross (+listen+video)  (Alternative)

Sinal Aberto (Latin Jazz/Vocals)

Sin City Boys (+listen)  (Country/Country Rock

Sinva (+listen)  (Reggae/Blues/Ska)

Sisters of Mersey (+listen)  (Garage)  

Sisters of Sheynville  (listen+shows)  (Swing/Traditional/Jazz/Vocals)

Six Points Jazz Orchestra (Jazz)

The Skeletones Four (+listen) (Guelph)  (Garage/Psychedelic Rock)

Skiffle Twins (Featuring Alistair & Matt Skiffle) (Rockin’ Country Blues)

Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque  (Burlesque)

The Skirt Chasers  (Hard Rock/Rockabilly/Garage)

Sky Shaver (+listen)  (Experimental/Rock)

The Skydiggers (+shows)  (listen)  (Rock/Folk Rock/Country)

The Sleepers

Sleepy Labeef  (Rockabilly)

Slim Chance (Country/Variety) & Blue Horizon (+listen)  (listen)  (Nova Scotia)  (Bluegrass)

Slocan Ramblers (+listen)  (Bluegrass/Folk/Roots)

Sly Juhas Trio (+listen)  (Jazz)

Smokey Witt (+listen)  (Old Country)

One of the smoothest and clearest country voices in town. Original and classic country and western. There is richness and sincerity in Smokey Witt’s delivery.  

“Snake Oil Johnson” (+listen) (Bob Vespaziani) (Americana/Blues/Roots)

2008 1st runner up in the Toronto Blues Society New Talent Search

Snarky Puppy  (listen)  (Texas)  (Jazz/Funk/Experimental)

Social Clash

Solari (aka Marinda) (+listen+shows)  (Soft Soul/Jazz/Bossa Nova)

The Soles (+listen)  (video) (Rock/Alternative)

Son Roberts (+listen)  (video)  (shows)  (Blues)

Songwriters Expo  (This Month’s Performers) (Varied)  - $PWYC

hosted by Monique Barry (+listen) (Alternative/Pop)

Songwriters Unite (performers) with Russell Leon (Varied)

Sonya Cote  (listen) (shows) (Jazz/Country Swing/Vocals)

SooziMusic (+listen+shows) (Lyrical/Roots/Visual)

Soozi Schlanger (+listen+shows) (Lyrical/Roots/Visual)

Sophia Perlman and The Vipers (+listen) (Jazz/Vocals)  

Soul Nidus!  (listen)  (Alt/Rock)

Soul Plane (listen+shows)  (Hip Hop/Rock/Alternative)

Soul Stew  (listen)  (Funk/R&B/Soul)

Soulstack (+schedule)  (video)  (listen)  (aka Wickens-Knight)  (Blues/Rock/Soul)

The Speaking Tongues  (listen +shows) (Rock/Blues/Garage)

Spencer Teeter Band (+listen)  (Rock/Pop/Alternative)

The Spinney Brothers  (listen) (shows+video) (Nova Scotia)  (Bluegrass)

2009 ECBMA Vocal Group, Nova Scotia Country  Music Hall of Fame Inductees

The Stables (+listen)  (Acoustic/Folk/Pop/Punk)

Stacy Burke (+listen) (+shows)  (Americana/Folk/Roots)

Stacey Kaniuk (+listen)  (video)  (listen)  (Soulful Pop)

Stacy Ricker (+listen)  (Alternative/Folk Rock/Pop Punk)

Stacy Sang Jazz Trio  (Jazz)

Stalking Irony  (Acoustic)

The Starfires (+listen)  (Experimental/Improvisational Jazz/Folk)

The Stagger Lee's Bluegrass Band  (Bluegrass)

Starry Nights (+listen) (Jazz/Vocals)

Starvin’ Hungry (+listen) (Montreal) (Rock)

Station Twang


Steel Guitar Jazz Project (Jazz)

Steers and Queers Night (Gay Event) (Country)

Stella Rose  (listen+shows)  (Pop/Rock/Country)

Stephanie Braganza  (listen) (Electronica/Pop/R&B)

Stephanie Cadman (enter site for more videos)  (videos) (Celtic Violin/Dance)

Stephanie Martin (+listen) (Pop)

Stephen P Keeping (post-apocalyptic country/metal)

Stephen Stanley (+listen) (Acoustic/Rock)

Steve Ambroise & the Romeos

Steve Briggs  (Country/Country Swing/Roots

Steve Crowe  (Jazz Trumpet)   

Steve Gleason (+listen)  (Folk)  

Steve Goldberger (Blues)  

Steve Strongman (listen)  (videos)  (shows)  (Blues/Rock)

Steve Hill   (listen)  (video)  (Blues)  

Steve Holt Jazz Duo (Jazz)  

Steve Koven Trio (listen1) (listen2) (listen to more)  (Jazz) 

Steve-Paul Simms Blues Duo   (Blues)  

Steve Gleason (+listen+shows)  (Folk/Acoustic/Harmonica)

Steve Ketchen & the Hanksters  (Country)

Steve Tustin

Steve Ward Jazz Trio (Jazz)  

The Stevie GeeBees (Steve Grisbrook & Steve Goldberger)  (Blues)

The Stone Sparrows (+listen)  (Bluegrass/Folk)

The Stormalones   

String Bone (+listen)  (listen+shows)  (Folk/Roots/Alt.Country)  

String Theory Collective  (listen1)  (listen2)  (1930’s/40s Jazz/Vocal)   

The Strip (+listen +shows)  (Folk Rock/Roots

The Strumbellas (+listen) (Folk/Bluegrass/Country)  

Stu Henderson

Studio 1 Jazz Orchestra  (Jazz)

Strummin & Strippen (Burlesque)

Suburban Smith (+listen)  (Jam Band/Electric Bluegrass/Psychedelic)

The Sudden Valley Boys  (Bluegrass)

Sue and Dwight   (listen) (Folk/Roots) [STT] 

Sultans of String  (video1)  (video2)  (listen) (Latin/Folk/Jazz)  

The music created by Sultans of String is an oxymoron of high energy and relaxation. Sultans of String’s many awards include Instrumental Group of the Year at the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards, Best Variety Act from Festivals & Events Ontario, and two Ontario Independent Music Awards for Best Instrumental and the top award of Best Song of the year, plus a 2010 Juno nomination for best album.

The Sun Harmonic  (listen)  aka  Kaleb Hikele (listen)  (Acoustic-Alt Folk)

Sunbear (+listen +shows)  (Folk/Country/Dutch Rock

The Sundar Quartet (+listen)  (Jazz/Vocals)

The Sunfields  (listen) (Folk Rock/Psychedelic)  

The Superchargers  (Springsteen Tribute)

The Sure Things (+listen+scedule)  (article)  (Country)

Susan Wylde Jazz Band (Jazz)  

Suyun Kim Jazz Band  (Jazz)

Suzana De Camara Jazz Band (+listen)   (Pop/Latin/Jazz/Vocals)

The Swallows  (listen) (Pop/Alternative)

Swamperella  (Cajun/Zydeco)

Sweet Derrick Blues Band (video1)   (Blues)

The Sweet Mack  (Rock & Roll/Pop-Rock)

The Sweet Peas (+listen)  (video) (Acoustic/Country/Folk)

Swingin’ Blackjacks (+listen)  (Rockabilly/Blues/Roots)

Swing Shift Big Band (listen1) (listen2)  (Big Band Swing/Vocals)

Szan T No (+listen) (Pop/Alternative/Folk Rock)

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