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Toronto’s Indie Live Music listings for Blues/Folk/Roots/Country/East Coast/Jazz++   

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Jack B Nimble (Country)  

Jack Connolly  (listen) (videos)  (shows) (Folk)  

Jack de Keyzer (enter site to listen+shows)  (listen)  (Blues/R&R/R&B/Jazz)  

2x Toronto Blues Society Talent Search Winner, 7 times Maple Blues Award Winner

Jack Marks and Lost Wages (+listen)  (Folk/Country/Roots)

Jack Zorawski Trio  (listen) (Jazz)  

Jacques and the Shakey Boys  (listen-scroll down) (Country)  

Jacob Moon (+video +shows) (Folk/Acoustic)

Jadea Kelly (+shows)  (listen)  (Country)

Jaffa Road (+listen) (shows) (World)  

2009 John Lennon Song Writing Contest grand prize (World) winner

Jake Chisholm (+listen)  (video)   (Folk Rock/Blues)

Jake Koffman Jazz Band (Jazz)   

Jake Wilkenson Quartet (more info) (+listen) (Jazz)

James Anthony  (listen) (videos)  (shows) (Soul/Jazz/Blues

James Bellus (Fusion Jazz)  

James Brown  (listen)  (Jazz)

James Brown and Heavy Ethics 

James Clark  (listen) (shows) (Alternative Pop/Rock/Acoustic)  

James Clark Institute  (listen) (shows) (Alternative Pop/Rock/Acoustic)  

James De-Roches   

James Hummel  (listen)  (Acoustic/Folk/Rock)

Jamesking  (listen)  (videos)  (Pop/Rock/Soul)

James King Band (Funk) 

The James King Band (+listen)  (listen) (Virginia) (Bluegrass) 

James McKie  (Folk/Roots/Fusion)

James Plouffe & The Shotgun Wedding Band (+listen) (Melodramatic Pop Song/Hardcore/Folk Rock)

Jana Cassidy (+listen) Jazz Duo (Jazz/Vocals)

Jane Bunnett (+listen)  (Latin Jazz)

multiple Juno Awards, recognized by the Smithsonian Institute for her contribution to Latin music world wide

Jane Fair  (listen)  (Jazz)

Jane Fair & Rosemary Galloway Quintet  (listen)  (Jazz)

Jane’s Party

Janet Whiteway  (listen) (shows) (Pop/Jazz)

Janice Hagan (Listen1) (Listen2) (Swing/Jazz/Vocals)  

Janine Stoll (+listen)  (listen)  (video) (Folk/Pop)  

Jarek Dabrowski Jazz Band  (Jazz)

Jaron Freeman Fox (+listen) (listen) (Electroacoustic/Experimental/Folk)

Jason Collett (+listen)  (Folk Rock)

Jason Collett’s Basement Review (Variety-Showcase)

Now in it’s 4th year (2010), Jason Collett has hosted a popular variety show featuring some of Canada’s most talented musicians, songwriters, poets, and storytellers. The list of performers is always kept a secret.

Jason Dagg (+listen)  (Alternative/Jazz/Rock) - 9:30pm  - $5

Jason Logue Sextet (Jazz)  

Jason Marsalis Quartet (+listen) (New Orleans) (Jazz)  

Jason McCoy (+shows) (listen)  (video)  (video - Grand Ole Opry)   (Country)

Jason Paul Johnston (Gospel/Country)

Jason Zerbin (+videos)  (listen)  (Rock/Pop)

Jay Aymar  (video)  (listen+shows)  (Folk/Country/Acoustic)

Jay Clark & the Jones (+listen)  (Alternative/Folk Rock)

Jay Clark Reid (+listen) (Alternative/Folk Rock)

Jay Douglas(+listen)  (video)  (Reggae/Blues/R&B)

Top Male Singer 2007 Canadian Reggae Music Awards

Jay Linden  (listen)  (Cambridge) (Folk/Acoustic/Americana

Jay Pollock (+listen)  (Folk/Alt. Rock)  

Jayar (+listen) (California)  (Acoustic/Alternative/Pop)

Jaydee Bixby (+video)  (listen) (listen)  (Country) 

Nominated for the Rising Star Award - CCMA - September 2011

Jazz In The Point (+listen)  (Montreal) (Jazz)

The Jazz Navigators w/ Pat Carey on Sax (Jazz)  

Jazz Response Unit  (Jazz)

Jeanette Lee (+listen)  (Acousti /Folk Rock/Pop)

Jeanine Mackie Band (listen+video) (shows) (Funk/R&B/Blues/Pop)  

Jeff Andrew (Crows at Midnight) (+listen)  (Vancouver) (Folk/Melodramatic Pop. Song/Punk )

Jeff Beadle (+listen)  (Folk/Easy/Western Swing)

Jeff Coffin Mu’tet  (listen)   (Saxophonist/Nashville)  (Instrumental Jazz/Progressive/Experimental)

Jeff King's Catalyst  (listen) (Instrumental Jazz)   

Jeff Peacock Jazz Trio (Jazz)  

Jeff Scarrott Jazz Band (Jazz)  

Jeffrey Hewer Jazz Band  (listen) (Jazz Guitar)

Jeffery Straker  (videos)  (+listen+shows) (Pop/Alternative)  

Jen Foster  (videos)  (listen)  (shows) (aka Jennifer LFO (+shows)) (Acoustic/Folk Rock/Pop)

Jenelle Monique Jazz Trio (+listen)  (listen) (Shows) (Jazz/Vocals)  

Jennifer LFO (+shows)  (aka Jen Foster  (videos)  (listen)  (shows))   (Alt. Pop)

Jennifer Schaffer  (listen-pause media player & select Jen’s tracks) (Alternative/Country/Roots)

Jeremiah Nelson (+listen) (Wisconsin) (Progressive/Roots)

Jeremy Pelt Quintet  (listen) (New York) (Jazz)

Jeremy Smith  (Blues/Rock/Acoustic)

Jerome Godboo  (+listen) (Blues)

Jerome Godboo and David Rotundo  (video1)  (video2) (Blues)

Jerry Leger (+listen)   (Folk/Folk Rock/Country) 

Jerry Quintyne Jazz Duo  (Jazz)  

Jeru 4tet  (Jazz)  

Jesse Labelle (+listen) (Pop)   

Jessica Lanza (Jazz/Vocals) 

Jessica Stuart Few  (+listen+shows) (Pop/Jazz)

Jetset Motel (feat. David Picco) (+listen)  (Alternative/Country/Rock) 

Jill Peacock  (videos)  (listen) (video)  (Jazz/Vocals)  

Jim Armstrong & the Sonic Deli Band (+listen+shows)   (American /Rock/Country)  

Jim Galloway Band (listen)  (Jazz)  

Jim Macdonald

Jimmy Byron (+listen+video)  (Rockabilly/Blues/Rock)

Jimmy Helverson (listen)  (Blues)

The Jitters (listen)  (video)  (Power Pop/Rock)

The Jive Bombers (+listen)  (Jump Blues/Jazz)  

J J Ipsen (+listen)  (Dutch Pop/Folk)  

J Mann  (listen)   (Pop/Folk)

Joanna Moon Flamenco quartet (+listen)  (Latino with Quebec Edge/vocals)  

Joanne Mackell & True Grit  (listen+shows) (listen)  (Country/Roots

Joanne Morra & The France St. Trio (Jazz)

Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo  (listen)  (Folk/Jazz/Latin)

Joe Adamick and friends Jazz Band "In the Pocket" (Jazz)

Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan  (listen) (Rock/Americana/Acoustic)

Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers  (listen) (Pittsburg) (Rock/Classic Rock/Blues)

Joe Tucker and Second Wind (Country/East Coast)

Joe Van Rossen Jazz Band (Jazz) 

Joel Hartley & Tony Quarrington Jazz Duo (Jazz)

Joel Frahm (+listen) (listen)  (New York) (Jazz)

Joel Haynes Quartet (Jazz)

Joel Krivy (listen) (Acoustic Blues)

Joel Miller Quartet (Montreal) (Instrumental Jazz)

John Allaire  (Ottawa) (listen) (shows) (Folk/Folk Rock)

John Borra (+listen)  (Country/Alternative/Rock)

John Borra Band (+listen)  (Country/Alternative/Rock)

John Borra & Sam Ferarra  (video)  (Country/Folk)

John Cheesman Jazz Orchestra (Big Band Jazz)   

John Christopher and Friends    

John D’Amato (listen)  (Blues/Alternative/Country)

John Deehan Jazz Band (Jazz)

The John Dickie Band  (Rockin Blues)    

John Kirby  (listen)  (Hamilton) (Acoustic/Folk/Rock)

John MacLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra (21 piece Big Band Jazz)  

John Pagnotta Jazz Trio (Jazz)

John Russon Jazz Trio (Jazz Guitar)  

John Sherwood (+listen) (Jazz Piano)

John Showman (Select Media/Music to listen) (Bluegrass/Country/Roots)

John Southworth (+listen) (listen)  (Alternative/Pop/Folk)

John Statz (+listen)  (Wisconsin)

John T. Davis (listen)  (Jazz/Blues/Organist/Pianist)

John Wayne Swing Quartet        

John Wort Hannam  (videos)  (listen)  (listen+videos)  (shows) (Fort Macleod) (Americana/Folk/Roots)

2010 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year, 2009 Grand Prize Winner - Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriting Competition, 2007 New Folk Winner - Kerrville Texas New Folk Songwriting Competition, 2004 Grand Prize Winner - Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriting Competition

John Zytaruk (+listen)  (shows) (Acoustic/Pop/Folk)     

Johnny Favourite  (listen)  (Jazz)

Johnny Griffith (listen)  (Jazz)

Johnny MacLeod Band

Johnny Max Band  (listen)  (videos)  (shows) (Blues/Roots/Soul)

Johnny Reid  (videos) (Rock/Pop/Country/Funk)

Johny Wright and Friends

Jon Bryant (+video)  (listen)  (shows)  (Folk)

Jon Brooks  (listen)  (Folk/Americana/Acoustic)  

named the Musician to Watch in 2010 by the Toronto Star, received an OCFF Award, won the US Mountain Stage NewSong Contest, won both the Kerrville New Folk Competition in Texas & a spring round of the International Songwriting Competition (out of 15,000 entries), placed as a Finalist in the Music2Life Contest

Jon Challaner Quartet  (Jazz)

Jon Davis (+videos)  (listen +shows) (Mtl)  (Folk/Jazz)  

Jon Feldman Jazz Band (Jazz) 

Jon Knight  (video) (Blues)

Jon & Roy (videos)  (listen) (Victoria)  (Folk Rock/Reggae/Roots)

Jonathan Knight (Blues)

Jonathan Wong Jazz Band (Jazz)

Jordan Faye (+listen +shows) (Folk Rock/Acoustic/Rock)

Jordana Talsky (listen)  (Jazz/Vocals)

Jorge and Sarah (+listen+shows)  (Jazz/Latin/Blues)

Jorge Gavidia Jazz & Blues Duo (+listen) (Jazz/Blues/Latin)

Joseph Blood and The Bluetick Houn'dogs     

Joshua Cockerill (+listen+shows) (Folk/Americana/Roots) 

Joshua Goodman Jazz Band (Jazz)

Joshua Gropp  (listen+shows) (Stratford) (Acoustic/Experimental/Folk Rock )

Joyfull Sinners  (listen)  (Roots/Blues/Soul)

JP Freedom (Country/Rock & Roll)

Julia Cleveland Group (+listen) (Jazz

Julian Fauth  (video)  (Blues/Roots/ “Barrelhouse” Jazz/Vocals)

2009 Juno Award for Best Blues Album (Ramblin' Son), nominee for numerous Maple Blues Awards

Julian Fauth and James Thomson Blues Duo  (video)  (Blues/Roots/ “Barrelhouse” Jazz/Vocals/Piano or Guitar & Bass)

2009 Juno Award for Best Blues Album (Ramblin' Son), nominee for numerous Maple Blues Awards

Julian Taylor  (listen+shows)  (Alternative/Acoustic/Folk Rock)

Julian Petti

Juliann Kuchocki  (listen)  (video) (Jazz/Vocals)

Julia C. (+listen+video) (Pop)

Julie Fader (+listen+video+shows)

Julie Mahendran (+listen) Quartet (more info)  (Classic Jazz/Soul/Pop/Vocals)

Julie McGregor’s The Love Potion Jazz Band   (Jazz Vocals)

2004 Best Jazz Vocalist at the Burlington Jazz Festival

Julie Michels  (Jazz Vocals)

Junction Box (+listen) (Rock/Punk)

The Junction City All-Stars (New Orleans Funk)

Justin Bacchus (video)  (Funk/Soul/R&B/Jazz/Vocals)  

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