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Rabi High

Rachel Kennedy (+listen) (videos) (listen) (Acoustic/Pop)

Rachelle Van Zentan  (listen) (Pop/Blues /Folk Rock)

Rae Billing  (listen)  (Americana/Country/Alternative)

Rae Spoon (listen) (video)  (shows)  (Calgary)  (Pop/Experimental/Folk) 

Ramblin’ Rose

Rambunctious (+listen)  (Acoustic/Jam Band/Roots)

Random Access w/ Barry Romberg (enter site to listen) (Instrumental “groove-based” & Free Jazz)  

Randy Morrison & The Flatt River Band  (listen)  (Bluegrass)  

2010 "Fiddle player of the Year" at the Canadian Central Bluegrass Awards

Rant Maggie Rant (+listen) (Perth) (Celtic)

Raoul & the Big Time  (listen+shows)  (Blues)

The Rattles (Beatles Tribute)

Rattlesnake Choir (+listen) videos (1) (2) (3) (Country/Americana)

The Real Cops  (Rock/Pop) 

Real Time Jazz Ensemble (Jazz) 

Rebecca Barclay & John Steele  (listen) (shows)   (Traditional Folk

Recovery Child (+videos)  (Rock)

The Red Eye Boys (with Andrew Collins) (Blue Grass/folk) 

Red Hot Ramble (New Orleans Funk/Jazz/Blues)

Red Nightfall (+listen)  (listen) (Folk-Rock/Indie-Rock/Acoustic-Pop)

Reide Kaiser: Doc Barristers Harlem Rhythm

The Related (Contemporary Folk)

Relative Harmony  (listen)  (shows)  (Folk/Celtic)

The Resolutionaries Marimba Band (World/African influence)

Restless Neighbour (listen)   (Rock/Blues covers of 50’s,60’s,70s)

Revival Dear (listen)   (Roots/Country) 

Rhonda Stakich Trio  (Jazz/Folk/Pop)

Rhyme 'n' Reason  (videos)  (shows) (Bluegrass/Gospel)

2010 Central  Canadian Bluegrass Awards: Best Vocal Group, Best Gospel Group, Best Overall Group, Most Promising Group, best composer-Stefan Van Holten &Best Recordgin of the Year-2nd time in a row with “The Grass ‘Looks’ Green”

Richard Underhill (+listen)  (Jazz)

Richard Whiteman (listen) (shows)  (Jazz Piano)

Richard Whiteman Trio (listen) (listen1) (shows) (Jazz)

Rich De’Silva  

Rick Fines  (video)  (Kawarthas) (Blues/Folk) 

2003 1st place in the blues category of International Songwriting Competition, for Songwriter of the Year, 1988 &1999 MapleBlues Award Acoustic Act Of The Year    

Rick Rosato (+listen)  (Montreal) (Experimental/Jazz/Progressive/Bass)

Rick Taylor  (listen)  (shows)  (Blues/Roots/Acoustic)

Ride em Cowboy (+listen)  (Alternative Country)

Ride the Tiger  (R&B Soul Review)

Ridley Bent  

The Ring Tones (Classic Rock)

Rinse The Algoritm (+listen)  (Jazz/Neo-soul/Other)

Risque  (listen) (shows)  (R&B 

Rita di Ghent   (listen) (Jazz/Vocals)

Rita Carter (+listen)  (Pop/Folk/Soul/Hip Hop) 

The Rival Boys  (listen)   (Melodramatic Popular Song / Minimalist / Rock)

The Rizdales (listen +shows) (Country/Americana)

2007 & 2005 Jack Richardson Music Award for favourite country/bluegrass act,  2005 London Music Award for favourite country/bluegrass act. The Rizdales are the Canadian backing band of the Legendary Wanda Jackson

Rob Campbell & Mike Milligan Duet (Jazz)

Rob Christian  (Jazz)

Rob Elder

Roberta Hunt  (listen)  shows (Jazz/Blues/Nu-Jazz)

Roberto Occhipinti Group (Jazz)

Nichol Robertson & His Honkytonk/Boogaloo Boys (+videos)  (country, 60s jazz funk, pop, and bluegrass)

Robi Botos (video)  (Jazz Piano)

Robbie Antone (+listen)   (Blues/Rock)

Robbie Lane and the Disciples (+listen)  (shows)  (R&B/Blues)

Robin Bank$ (+listen+shows)  (Blues/Jazz/Reggae)

Robin Banks Blues Band  (+listen+shows)  (Blues)

Robyn Dell'Unto (+listen) (Folk/Pop/Psychedelic)

Rock Plaza Central  (listen)  (Americana/Bluegrass/Screamo)

The Rocket 88’s (+listen+video)  (listen) (Peterborough) (Swing Rock/Blues)

Roger Clarke  (Country/Pop/Caribbean)

Roger Dorey Blues Solo (video)

Romi Mayes (+video)  (listen)  (shows)  (Winnipeg) (Blues/Rock/Roots)

Romney Getty (listen+shows) (Country/Americana/Blues/Accoustic Pop)

Ron Hawkins  (listen - double click on songs)  (videos)   (Rock)

Ron Leary Band (Alt-Country/Folk/Troupadour/Acoustic)

Ron Natar Blues Trio (Blues)

Ronley Teper  

Ronnie and The Corvairs  (listen) (Rock n’ Roll)

Ronnie Hawkins (video) (Rock n’ Roll)

Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame Inductee

Ronnie Hayward  (listen)  (Rockabilly)

Rockabilly Hall of Fame inductee

The Ronnie Russel Band (50’s & 60’s Rock & Roll)

Rootmagic (David Bowes & Mitch Wallace) (Blues)

Rory and the Ruckus Blues Band  (Blues)  

Rosalee Peppard  (video)  (listen) (NS)  (Folk/East Coast/Stories)

Rosalind Kindler Jazz Trio (Jazz)

Rosemary Galloway Group (listen) (Jazz)

The Rosie Jones Band (+listen) (Folk Rock//Country/Alternative)

Ross MacIntyre  (Jazz/Bass)

Ross Neilsen  (solo video1-vocals)  (solo video2-guitar)  (Blues/Rock)

Ross Neilsen & The Sufferin Bastards   (listen)  (video)  (Blues/Rock

Ross Wooldridge Quartet  (Jazz) 

Roxanne Potvin (+listen)  (Blues/Roots/R&B)

The Royal Crowns (listen) (Rockabilly/Rock/Country) 

Royal Wood  (listen)  (shows)   (Alternative/Pop/Folk Rock )

Rucksack Willies (+listen) (+shows) (Pop/Folk/Alternative)

Rudder (N.Y.) (+listen) (Electro/Nu-Jazz /Jam Band 

Rude Boy, Rude Girl (+listen) (Reggae/Ska)

Rum and Vodka

The Runaway Catholics (+listen)  (Rock/Folk/Psychedelic)

Running Red Lights (listen)  (Rock/Pop)

Run Stop Run  (Jazz)

Run With The Kittens (listen)  (shows)  (Rock/Roots)

Russ Little  (listen) (Jazz/Trombone)  

Winner of the prestigious National Jazz Awards', "Best Trombonist of 2007, Veteran of some of jazz history's most illustrious big bands including the Woody Herman Orchestra & the Count Basie Band

Russell Leon Band  (listen)  (Folk Rock/Pop)  

The Rusty Halos (+listen) (shows)   (Bluegrass/Folk/Roots)

Ruth Cassie  (listen)  (Alternative/Pop)

Ryan Cook and the Sunny Acres

Ryan Oliver Jazz Quartet (+listen)  (Jazz) 

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